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Went to Chicago (to get my French visa) — A lot of world to see

Went to Chicago (to get my French visa)

It was a hot summer day in Chicago…

So this is my first blog in quite some time but that’s because I’m still not in Europe yet…but I did go to Chicago this past week for my long stay visa appointment at the French Consulate! For all of the Midwest we have to go in person to Chicago to present our documents, passport and get our picture taken. However, I don’t even mind because the visa is free for assistants and I got to take a nice little day trip. It was my fourth trip to the city and the first time I’ve been there when it’s been very warm. So I set out to do things that I’d never done before.  Note my ‘Sufjan Stevens x Monet’ jean jacket, I had a lady take a picture of my back and she insisted on getting one of me facing her too.

My visa appointment took only 20 minutes, plus the time I spent waiting for my visitor badge and the time after at Starbucks planning the rest of my day…but then I was off to Millennium park just down the street and the Chicago cultural center.

The Chicago Cultural center is free! It’s a beautiful museum built over 100 years ago that was the first central public library in the city. If you don’t feel like shelling out $20+ for the Art Institute or you’ve already been, this is a great alternative. I thoroughly enjoyed the architecture and exhibits, in particular “Phyllis Bramson: Under the Pleasure Dome”.

I decided after that to venture to Navy Pier since I’d never been because it had always been cold when I was in Chicago. This time it was so so so hot that I ended up not staying long plus my phone was dying but the trek was worth the view. I was such a hot day that I kept going to convience stores like CVS or Walgreen’s for water bottles. Make sure to drink lots of cold water on a day like this.

At that point I decided to go get food and charge my phone (as my portable charger didn’t work) and ended up at the bar at whole foods! With a delicious double IPA and some pizza. I was slowly making my way back towards Union Station.

My favorite discovery of this trip was the Chicago French Market! I had liked their page on Facebook quite a while ago and decided to check it out. This market has everything from meat, all kinds of French cheese, sushi, flowers, pastries, coffee, gelato, Belgian fries and more!  I couldn’t get macarons from just the one vendor I had to try both, so I had Vanille and Delightful pastries. I also could not resist a cone of Belgian fries from Frietkoten while you get to enjoy some live music and sit in cute cafe chairs that resemble those in France.

I should have my passport with my new long sejour visa in it-within another week! I also got an email back from the English teacher I’ll be working with in Phalsbourg so I’m starting to get pretty excited.

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