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And yet we travel... — A lot of world to see

And yet we travel…

The world- even the United States in general seems like a grim place to be right now. After the tragedies and lives we’ve lost this week how can we remember them, take action and eventually make peace and carry on with life?

One thing I remember from what the citizens of Paris did was to go and do those every day things- the very things that were interrupted by the terrorists. We need to stand together with the victims and families and remember that love is stronger than all of that. We

Detroit Skyline

need to go on and live our lives as fully as the 49 victims would have wanted us to.

When things like this happen a lot of people including students and parents are more apt to cancel their travel plans because it’s not safe ‘out there’. However, we need to get out there into the world and experiences places, people and things.

Heidelberg Project

I love traveling because it makes me feel more connected to other people and a part of something bigger than myself.

You can learn about new cultures, empathize and grow. Make connections with people from all over.

Think outside the box and get out of the comfort zone. Do thing you never though you were capable of. Obviously this goes to say, be safe especially if traveling solo but that kind of travel even in these times can be gratifying. Carry on.

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