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Last days in Montréal- Old Montréal and the Mile End — A lot of world to see

Last days in Montréal- Old Montréal and the Mile End

After two days in Québec I took the Orleans Express back to Montréal for the remaining two days. I saved old Montréal for last! It just so happened that the nicest days were my last two days in Montréal- about 50-60 degrees a big difference from freezing rain.

3 Day Metro Passes

I used my metro pass generally to get around but I found that since I picked an Airbnb that was so close to downtown I still had to do some walking anyway. However, I did have to use it to get to Old Montréal. I bought the “L’occasionnelle” metro pass from STM, the metro system. I just bought them in the metro system usually in these little kiosk things or at a desk with a person. They said online they had a week pass $25.50 (CAD) which looked like a good deal but they weren’t advertised in the metro so I got the 3 day ($18) and another 3 day. There was also a special fare to get from the airport but I’m pretty sure a pass would have worked too so I’m kinda mad I spent an additional $10 on that. However, transportation was fairly inexpensive enough and I feel like you could go with using it sparingly and mostly walking if it isn’t too cold.

Old Montréal or Vieux-Montréal has some remains that are old as New France. This is the part of Montreal that feels like Europe like that Paris style metro entrance. This cathedral is the Notre Dame Basilica (Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal) built in the Gothic Revival Style. The Cathedral has an interior that’s rich in color and a huge gorgeous organ from 1891.

And the interior of the cathedral: also stunning!

After this I headed off to the Archaeology museum (Pointe-à-Callière) which was housed in a few different buildings. Thankfully it had been open on Easter. Then I walked along the old port of Montréal which stretches for two miles along the St. Lawrence River.

You can also see Place d’Youville with the obelisk. This might have been my favorite part of all Montréal so many cute little cafes, side streets and beautiful old buildings. I was walking around the City Hall (Hôtel de Ville de Montréal) and this guy approached me and asked for directions. I said I was sorry but I was a visitor and he replied back in English “OH, you’re not from here”. I explained I was from Michigan and he said that we were ‘cool’. I also told him how I studied abroad and all of that and he complemented my French. His family was ready to take me on a little walking tour and go with them to their destination but I bid them good bye and wished them a good day. Something I liked about French-Canadians over French people is how friendly they are- the smiling and hugging isn’t commonplace in Europe.

I also got to checkout the Mile End Neighborhood home of Dieu de Ciel brewery, vintage shops, two famous bagel shops and the indie music scene of Québec. I got to Dieu de Ciel where I feasted on my Fairmount sesame bagel with cream cheese (called a ‘sandwich) and an IPA. And so ends my blogs about this trip in particular. In the future I’ll be talking about past and future travel plans and TAPIF.

Québec, je me souviens !

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